For many years I worked with clients on awide range of issues - from anxiety, phobias to workrelated issues and midlife challenges. I have special expertise and interest in the areas of cancer, (I worked with cancer patients and their families in a cancer centre for many years), bereavement and trauma.

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I offer my session in English or in German - online or in my office in Galway.



Counselling is usually the way to go when you find yourself in an acute crisis situation and you wish to have support during this difficult period.  Or when you feel that there is something in your life that is not a crisis but that you still want to change.  This could be to become more assertive, to reduce stress or to improve your relationships, to mention only a few.  Counselling can be seen as a short-term engagement focused on a specific issue in order to help you to discover new ways out of an impasse.  Sometimes during the process of counselling certain issues come up that require a long-term approach, which is then called psychotherapy.


Psychotherapy is a longer-term approach.  It endeavours to look at the foundation on which we live our everyday life.  It invites us to explore the underlying psychological make-up that causes or contributes to our current difficulties.  In discovering this deeper knowledge of ourselves we can then choose different and more satisfying ways to live our life and connect with our creativity.

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